G. Rollie White Public Service Scholarship

2022 – 2023 G. Rollie White Public Service Scholars: Alice Min ‘25 and Alyse Munrose ’23 Alice Min ‘25

The G. Rollie White Public Service Scholarship covers full tuition and fees for three years and includes a $4,500 stipend for public interest legal work in the scholar’s first summer. The scholarship will be awarded to an entering student with strong academic credentials and demonstrated commitment to public service who plans to pursue a legal career helping the under-served. The scholar is selected through a competitive process.

The G. Rollie White Public Service Scholars are expected to be ambassadors for public interest at the Law School. They participate in the Justice Center’s student advisory board starting their 1L year and are immediately part of the Law School’s vibrant community of students, faculty, and alumni who are committed to the public interest. The recipient profiles on this page and the alumni profiles elsewhere on this website convey the breadth of clinicspro bonointernships, and other opportunities available to our students as well as where they go after graduation.

The scholarship is funded in part by a generous gift from the G. Rollie White Trust and is designed to help increase access to justice and encourage public service by students. The inaugural scholarship was awarded in April 2014.

Class of ’25 Scholar:

For more information, please email: justicecenter@law.utexas.edu

Application Information

Application information for the class of 2026 will be posted in fall 2022.

Other opportunities: