Summer Public Service Program – Apply

Eligibility Information for Summer 2022

Students will receive a full fellowship of $6000 (for 400 hours of work over at least ten weeks) or a half-fellowship of $3000 (for 200 hours of work over at least five weeks) at eligible sponsoring organizations. A student with a full fellowship may split their summer between two eligible organizations.

The work must be law-related and supervised by an attorney or by another professional working closely with an attorney (as in a university compliance office). Students are required to perform their work in person. Remote fellowships will be permitted only if the sponsoring organization does not allow students to work in person or the student has a health/family issue related to the COVID pandemic that prevents in-person work. Remote fellowships due to a health/family issue must be preapproved.

This program is only open to Texas Law students. Students who will be graduating in May 2022 do not qualify. A student may not receive academic credit and a fellowship for the same position. A student receiving a fellowship may accept no more than $6000 of additional funding for the position from another source (the sponsoring organization, a separate nonprofit, etc.). A student who is offered more than $6000 of additional funding may email us at to discuss a reduced fellowship.

An eligible sponsoring organization is a:

Judicial offices, trade associations, unions, and private employers are not eligible. Students with positions in courts may be able to earn academic credit through the Judicial Internship course.

A separate application is required for summer fellowships administered by the Audre and Bernard Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice. The application deadline is March 11, 2022.  See the Rapoport Center website for information.


Application Information for Summer 2022

SPSP applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and each approved student will be notified by email. Applications received by noon on March 11, 2022, will be considered for named fellowships.  The final deadline for all applications is midnight on May 13, 2022.

The Justice Center will administer the program through Canvas. To start the application process, send an email to and you will be added to the SPSP Canvas site within 2-3 days (and receive a notification email from Canvas). Application instructions and all forms are on Canvas.

To receive a fellowship, a student must:

To receive a named fellowship, a student must also:

For examples of photographs of students with named fellowships, see the group and individual photographs here.

To obtain approval for a remote fellowship, a student must:

Please direct any questions to