G. Rollie White Trust Public Interest Summer Fellowships

Natalie Neill ’20 and supervising attorney Carla Sanchez-Adams ’09 at Texas RioGrande Legal Aid

The G. Rollie White Trust Public Interest Summer Fellowships Program provides funding for up to 5 students. In the summer of  2020, the program will provide each fellow with a $4,500 stipend to work for at least 10 weeks (and a minimum of 400 hours) under the supervision of an attorney at a qualified sponsoring organization. A sponsoring organization must be 1) a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit providing legal services and/or advocacy to underrepresented individuals or communities or 2) a government office providing indigent defense. Government agencies (except offices providing indigent defense), labor unions, and legislative offices do not qualify as a sponsoring organization.

The fellowships are supported by generous funding from the G. Rollie White Trust.

For more information, please email: justicecenter@law.utexas.edu

Application Information

Not available Summer 2021.

Apply using the online form for Justice Center Public Interest Summer Fellowships. Applicants may submit one application to apply for all three fellowships. Please refer to the relevant webpage for the requirements for each fellowship, including requirements for the sponsoring organization and the nature and duration of the position. In particular, please note that a public defender office will not qualify for the Baron & Budd Public Interest Summer Fellowship unless the office is organized as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit. Given the shortage of resources, students who will split the summer between working for a sponsoring organization and working elsewhere for substantial compensation are discouraged from applying for these fellowships.

Fellows will be selected based on their credentials, their commitment to public service, and the sponsoring organization.  A strong preference will be given to 2Ls for Whitehurst Public Interest Summer Fellowships, but 1Ls may apply.  A student may not receive academic credit and a fellowship simultaneously, nor can a student receive a fellowship from both TLF and this program for the same position.  (This limitation does not preclude a fellow from receiving a living expense stipend or a stipend or scholarship for educational expenses.)

Questions should be directed to the  William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law, justicecenter@law.utexas.edu.

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