Outstanding Alumnus Award

The Outstanding Alumnus Award honors a graduate who has made outstanding contributions not only to the legal profession, but to society as a whole.

JoAnn Lee, 2017
Patton G. Lochridge, 2016
Mike McKool, 2015
S. Jack Balagia Jr., 2014
Kathryn S. Fuller, 2013
Gilbert I. “Buddy” Low, 2012
Thomas M. Susman, 2011
The Honorable Diane P. Wood, 2010
The Honorable Royce C. Lamberth, 2009
Linda L. Addison, 2008
Jack Ratliff, 2007
Ronald D. Krist, 2006
The Honorable Wallace B. Jefferson, 2005
The Honorable Edith H. Jones, 2004
Shannon H. Ratliff, 2003
The Honorable Thomas G. Loeffler, 2002
Stephen D. Susman, 2001
David J. Beck, 2000
Larry E. Temple, 1999
Harry M. Reasoner, 1998
Morris Atlas, 1997
Joseph D. Jamail, 1996
The Honorable Kay Bailey Hutchison, 1995
The Honorable Reynaldo G. Garza, 1994
C. Kenneth Roberts, 1993
The Honorable Lloyd M. Bentsen Jr., 1992
The Honorable Robert S. Strauss, 1991
Dean John F. Sutton Jr., 1990
The Honorable James A. Baker III, 1989
The Honorable Jack Pope, 1988
The Honorable Edward Clark, 1987
Wales H. Madden Jr., 1986
R. Preston Shirley, 1985
T. J. Gibson, 1984
Mark A. Martin, 1983
William O. Huie, 1982
M. Kenneth Woodward, 1982
Benno C. Schmidt, 1981
Kraft W. Eidman, 1980
Helen Hargrave, 1979
Albert P. Jones, 1978
The Honorable Joe R. Greenhill, 1977
Gus M. Hodges, 1976
The Honorable Allan Shivers, 1975
Dean W. Page Keeton, 1974
Thomas M. Phillips1973
The Honorable Robert W. Calvert, 1972
A. W. Walker Jr., 1971
Tom Sealy, 1970
J. Leroy Jeffers Sr., 1969
Charles W. Duke, 1968
The Honorable W. St. John Garwood, 1967
The Honorable Ireland Graves, 1966
Elton M. Hyder Jr., 1965
The Honorable Tom C. Clark, 1964
Rex G. Baker Jr., 1963
Francis G. Coates, 1962
Hines H. Baker, 1961
Sylvan S. Lang, 1960
Dan Moody, 1959
Charles I. Francis, 1958