Distinguished Alumnus Award for Community Service

Established by the Alumni Association in 1988, this award honors a graduate who brings conspicuous credit to the legal profession by exemplary service. The award recognizes superior educators, outstanding lawyers in government service, or those who have had a significant role as a community volunteer.

Janiece Longoria, 1979
The Honorable David Briones, 2016
Regina Rogoff, 2015
Nicole B. Cásarez, 2014
Joe R. Long, 2013
Nina Cortell, 2012
Ann Barnett Stern, 2011
Mike A. Myers, 2010
Catherine Lamboley, 2009
P. Michael McCullough, 2008
Franci N. Crane, 2007
The Honorable Preston M. Geren III, 2006
Laura Beckworth, 2005
The Honorable James DeAnda, 2004
The Honorable Sam A. Lindsay, 2003
Martha Smiley, 2002
William H. White, 2001
Scott Atlas, 2000
Charles A. Saunders, 1999
Ward R. Burke, 1998
The Honorable Tom B. Ramey, 1997
Neal S. Manne, 1996
Harry M. Reasoner, 1995
The Honorable Morris W. Hassell, 1994
The Honorable William C. Bryson, 1993
John W. Fainter, 1992
The Honorable Royal Furgeson Jr., 1991
Harvey Weil, 1990
Tom Unis, 1989
The Honorable Ray Farabee, 1988