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Commentary on the Governmental Dispute Resolution Act and the Negotiated Rulemaking Act (2002 update)

Understanding the provisions of the GDR and NR Acts can be challenging. Particularly multi-layered are the confidentiality provisions. These sections in both acts build fundamentally upon the provisions of other Texas ADR law, and because they modify application of the Open Records Act, understanding the interactions and limitations can be difficult.

Texas Negotiated Rulemaking Deskbook (1996)

Using Mediation in Employee Complaints and Grievances: A Sourcebook for Governmental Entities 

This sourcebook is intended to assist governmental bodies in designing an employee complaint/grievance process that includes ADR, particularly mediation, as an option.

Texas ADR Legislative Reports

A review of the notable ADR bills from each legislative session.


The Resolver, August 2019


Check Your Holster at the Bar: Mediating Water Disputes Pursuant to House Bill 1763

Suzanne Schwartz, May 2006, 7th Annual The Changing Face of Water Rights in Texas

Your Administrative Case is Going to Mediation: Are You Ready?

Susan Schultz, 6 Tex. Tech J. Tex. Admin. L. 189 (Summer 2005)


Surviving and thriving: What makes watershed stakeholder groups successful in implementation? August 2016

The Center prepared this paper for the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to understand, through a literature review, factors that lead a collaborative stakeholder group to successfully implement plans they have developed to meet Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) standards.

Report Evaluating Progress Toward Joint Agency Cooperative Partnership, November 2001

The Center contracted with the Environmental Protection Agency, Region 6 (EPA) and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission to provide an evaluation of establishing a joint cooperative partnership between the two agencies.

Report of Survey Results of Alternative Dispute Resolution Use in Texas State Agencies, January 1999

The Center was authorized by the legislature in the Texas Governmental Dispute Resolution Act of 1997 to collect and analyze information about state agencies’ ADR programs. In an effort to determine the level of ADR use by state agencies, the Center distributed a survey to 151 state agencies and asked for information about ADR use. The Executive Summary and Recommendations from this report are available here. If you are interested in receiving the complete 40 page report, please contact