COVID-19 “Hotspots”: Research Team Presentations Videos


Research team members (from top to bottom) John Fossum (University of Texas), Alexandra Lancey (Northeastern), Mileika Lovick (Northeastern), Michael Bass (Northeastern), and Cynthia Ahmed (Harvard) present their findings on food processing workers in Gainesville, Georgia.

See below for videos of the two day virtual event held in July, 2020, where students presented their summer research to the whole team, in addition to members of a global audience. We have provided time stamps for each of the individual presentations, the Q & A sessions following each presentation, as well as introductory and closing remarks by the lead faculty members on the project – Karen Engle, Neville Hoad, Dan Danielson, and Lucy White.


COVID-19 “Hotspot” Presentations I | July 27, 2020

Introductory Remarks (00:00)

Presentation: Meat Processing Plant Workers in Gainesville, Georgia (10:49)

  • Cynthia Ahmed (Harvard), Michael Bass (Northeastern), John Fossum (Texas), Alexandra Lancey (Northeastern), Mileika Lovick (Northeastern), and Catie Barr (Harvard)

Q&A: Food Processing Workers in Gainesville, Georgia (36:33)

Presentation: Agricultural Workers in Immokalee, Florida (50:57)

  • Betty Akoh (Northeastern), Mary Galstian (Harvard), Sean Hansen (Northeastern), Marcus Mitchell (Harvard), Guy Priver Harvard), and Catie Barr (Harvard)

Presentation: Care workers in Chelsea, Massachusetts (1:29:12)

  • Oluwatobi Ariyo (Harvard), Kevin Chen (Harvard), Rebecca Horwitz-Willis (Harvard), Leanna Katz (Harvard), Orlando Ochoa, Jr. (Texas), Sanjana Singh (Harvard), Robin Woolford (Northeastern), and Sabrina Zhang (Harvard)

Q&A: Care Work in Chelsea, Massachusetts (1:51:13)

Day I Concluding Remarks (1:58:36)


COVID-19 “Hotspot” Presentations II | July 29, 2020

Introductory Remarks (00:00)

Presentation: Construction Workers in Austin, Texas (10:32)

  • Sam Tabory (Harvard), Jacob Blas (Texas), and Michael Bass (Northeastern)

Q&A: Construction workers in Austin, Texas (37:33)

Presentation: Construction Workers in San Francisco, California (44:34)

  • Adaylin Alvarez (Texas), Angela Gichinga (Harvard), and Henry Sturm (Northeastern)

Q&A: Construction workers in San Francisco, California (1:03:33)

Presentation: Repatriated Pakistani Construction Workers from the UAE (1:19:56)

  • Paul Lyons (Northeastern), Gowthaman Ranganathan (Texas), Sarah Eleazar Sadiq (Texas), and Mishal Khan (Texas)

Q&A: Repatriated Pakistani construction workers from the UAE (1:45:30)

Day II Concluding Remarks (1:58:58)

Project & Publications Type: Inequality: A New Challenge for Human Rights