Opportunities for Faculty

Become a faculty affiliate

We invite to you to join our growing network of more than 100 affiliated faculty members. Through our events, projects, and other activities, our affiliated faculty are able to interact with other members of the human rights community. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to contribute your unique experience and expertise to the Rapoport Center!

Photo by Thomas Jaehnel (shared under a CC BY license)

Contribute to the Working Paper Series

The Rapoport Center is currently soliciting papers for its Working Paper Series (WPS). We encourage submissions from scholars of all disciplines as well as from activists and advocates. At present, we are particularly interested in papers exploring the relationship between human rights, economic inequality, extractivism, and the future of labor.

Adriana Corral
Adriana Corral (MFA candidate, University of Texas) discusses her artwork on the femicides in Ciudad Juárez during a workshop organized by the Rapoport Center's Human Rights & the Arts Working Group, January 2013

Join a working group

The Rapoport Center sponsors collaborative working groups initiated by our affiliated faculty that research and explore various human rights topics. These groups are comprised of faculty and students from diverse disciplines across campus. We invite you to join a working group and become part of the conversation!

Become a visiting scholar

The Rapoport Center has joined with the University of Texas School of Law's Tarlton Law Library to provide visiting research opportunities for scholars who pursue independent research projects related to human rights law and advocacy.