Become a faculty affiliate

We invite to you to join our growing network of more than 100 affiliated faculty members. While the Rapoport Center is housed in the law school, our mission is to serve as a focal point for critical, interdisciplinary analysis and practice of human rights and social justice. Our faculty affiliates hail from a variety of disciplines: Anthropology, English, Government, History, Journalism, Sociology, Public Affairs, and Law are among those represented. Through our events, projects, and other activities, our affiliated faculty are able to interact with other members of the human rights community, including visiting researchers and scholars as well as our own graduate fellows, Human Rights Scholars, and undergraduate interns.

As "partners for change at the intersection of academics and advocacy," we are constantly looking for ways to expand what we can do for the UT academic community. We hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to contribute your unique experience and expertise to the Rapoport Center as an affiliated faculty member!

If you are interested in affiliating with us, please fill out the Faculty Affiliate Application.

Our faculty affiliate program offers a variety of opportunities for involvement, including:

Outlet to share achievements, publications, or events

We are happy to publicize and support our affiliates' events, achievements, and publications that share our mission. If you would like to submit an announcement to be featured on our website or in our email newsletter, please contact Caroline Hahn.

Research and collaboration

  • Human Rights Working Paper Series
    In 2011, the Center launched a Working Paper Series that invites contributions from students, faculty, and advocates at UT and around the world who critically examine topics related to international human rights law and/or discourse. The blog-style format encourages readers to contribute their thoughts and allows authors to receive feedback on their work.
  • Visiting Fellows and Professors
    We frequently host visiting fellows and professors here. We welcome you to send suggestions for scholars, artists, and/or activists who would enrich the human rights discussion at UT.
  • Research Assistance
    The Center's human rights scholars (law and graduate students) are available to conduct small (10 hours or less) human rights research projects. For more information, please contact us.

Forum for intellectual discussion

The Rapoport Center hosts a variety of events that provide participants with a chance to engage in informed and meaningful conversations about human rights issues and advocacy.

  • Human Rights Speaker Series
    Our speaker series features faculty from various disciplines at UT and other universities, who present works in progress and involve participants in their development. Please let us know if you have suggestions for speakers.
  • Annual Conference
    Each year, we host a conference to explore international human rights issues from various angles. Topics have included the role of archives in political memory to anti-impunity and the lingering effects of conflict. These multidisciplinary events afford scholars, policymakers, and activists the opportunity to engage in critical exchange on the contemporary state of human rights theory and practice and their possible future trajectories. We encourage affiliated faculty to join the conference committee, propose panels and papers, contribute to the planning of our next conference, and encourage students to participate and attend.

Connect with students

We strive to connect faculty and students across disciplines who share similar interests in human rights, and to that end, we offer several opportunities for student interaction:

  • Student Opportunities
    Tell your students about the Rapoport Center and ways they can get involved with our work. There are opportunities to work with the Center, to engage in hands-on clinical education, and to work directly with human rights NGOs and intergovernmental institutions. UT has an abundance of human rights courses and organizations. For more information, please direct them to the "Student Opportunities" section of our website.