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Human Rights Commentary

The Rapoport Center’s Human Rights Commentary is a regularly updated selection of short pieces discussing emerging scholarship and current events related to international human rights. The Rapoport Center is seeking new articles for publication that will be accepted on a rolling basis.

2016 Rapoport Summer Fellows
2016 Rapoport Summer Fellows

Summer Human Rights Fellowships

Application Deadline: March 20, 2017

The Rapoport Center offers summer funding to Texas Law students working in international and transnational human rights—including within the United States—connected to the Center’s mission of serving as a focal point for critical, interdisciplinary analysis and practice of human rights and social justice.

​2013 Rapoport Center Summer Fellow Elizabeth Nguyen during her internship at the ICTY
​2013 Rapoport Center Summer Fellow Elizabeth Nguyen (second row, second from left) with judges, associate legal officers, and interns of the Karadzic team of Trial Chamber III on the terrace of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

International Court & Tribunal Internships

The Rapoport Center facilitates judicial internship placements for Texas Law students with international courts and tribunals, including the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, and the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. Students may receive funding or academic credit for these internships.

​2015-2016 Human Rights Scholars (left to right) Safa Peera, Helen Kerwin, and Mihret Getabicha
​2015-2016 Human Rights Scholars (left to right) Safa Peera, Helen Kerwin, and Mihret Getabicha

Human Rights Scholars Program

Human Rights Scholars make up a core group of JD students actively involved with the Rapoport Center. These students are committed to the study and practice of international human rights law and have a strong background and demonstrated interest in pursuing career opportunities related to international human rights and justice. Scholars will have the opportunity to participate in collaborative research on human rights topics and to work closely with the Rapoport Center's programs and planning over the course of the academic year.

Become an affiliated graduate student

Application Deadline: September 15, 2017

We invite UT graduate students from all disciplines whose research pertains to human rights and/or social justice to be part of our exciting graduate student affiliate program.

Human Rights Courses & Clinics

The University of Texas School of Law offers a number of courses and clinics throughout the year in the area of human rights.

Civil Rights Clinic faculty, student, and client

Civil Rights Clinic

Students in the Civil Rights Clinic, which was established through the Rapoport Center, represent low-income clients in a range of civil rights matters relating to abusive law enforcement practices, prisoners’ rights, discrimination in many forms, and freedoms of speech, religion, and association.

Human Rights Clinic student working a project.

Human Rights Clinic

The Human Rights Clinic, established through the Rapoport Center, brings together an interdisciplinary group of law and graduate students in a course that incorporates both classroom study and hands-on participation in human rights projects and cases.

Students with Transnational Worker Rights Clinic clients.

Transnational Worker Rights Clinic

Students in the Transnational Worker Rights Clinic, which was established through the Rapoport Center, represent low-income transnational migrant workers in cases to recover unpaid wages, and also engage in advocacy projects asserting the rights of workers in here and abroad.

Immigration Clinic group photo 2015

Immigration Clinic

Students in the Immigration Clinic gain hands-on experience representing vulnerable low-income immigrants from all over the world before the immigration and federal courts and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Human Rights Law Society

The Human Rights Law Society (HRLS) is a student organization that aims to encourage and facilitate discussion around human rights issues at Texas Law.

2015 Graduate Summer Fellows Vivian Shaw and Cianan Good
2015 Graduate Summer Fellows Vivian Shaw and Cianan Good

Graduate Summer Fellowships at the Rapoport Center

Application Deadline: March 20, 2017

Fellowships are available for law and graduate students to work at the Rapoport Center over the summer and help with projects, publications, events, and research. Summer fellows advance the Center's mission and ensure that Center projects reflect and incorporate the diverse perspectives and expertise of a multidisciplinary UT academic community.

Human Rights Internship & Employment Database

This list of human rights organizations, while by no means comprehensive, can be used as a starting point for students to search for opportunities around the world. Organizations where former Rapoport Center Fellows have worked are marked.

Adriana Corral
Adriana Corral (MFA candidate, University of Texas) discusses her artwork on the femicides in Ciudad Juárez during a workshop organized by the Rapoport Center's Human Rights & the Arts Working Group, January 2013

Join a working group

The Rapoport Center sponsors collaborative working groups initiated by our affiliated faculty that research and explore various human rights topics. These groups are comprised of faculty and students from diverse disciplines across campus. We invite you to join a working group and become part of the conversation!

Audre Rapoport Prize for Scholarship on Gender and Human Rights

Application Deadline: July 1, 2017

This interdisciplinary writing competition on international human rights and gender awards a $1000 prize. It honors the work of Audre Rapoport, who advocated for women in the United States and internationally, particularly on issues of reproductive health.

Photo by Thomas Jaehnel (shared under a CC BY license)

Contribute to the Working Paper Series

The Rapoport Center is currently soliciting papers for its Working Paper Series (WPS). We encourage submissions from scholars of all disciplines as well as from activists and advocates. At present, we are particularly interested in papers exploring the relationship between human rights, economic inequality, extractivism, and the future of labor.

LLM Concentration in Human Rights and Comparative Constitutional Law

This innovative concentration provides students with a robust, critical, and comparative foundation in both human rights and constitutional law. It offers students a comprehensive understanding of contemporary human rights practices, including uses of constitutional law, in both domestic and international settings.

Human Rights Job Board

NYU's Center for Human Rights & Global Justice maintains a page for job postings and similar opportunities in the human rights field that may be of interest to current students as well as postgraduates.