Stephanie Childress

American Studies
Affiliated Graduate Students

Stephanie Childress (she/her) is an interdisciplinary public and digital humanities scholar who studies the transition from fossil fuels to zero-carbon energy from local and global perspectives. Stephanie's research examines cultures of violence and exclusion, economic and energy injustice, histories of racial and labor inequality, economic and energy networks, and the impacts/effects of humans on the climate.

Her past research projects include the impacts of European colonization in the criminal justice system, digital pedagogies, activism in U.S. public education, the energy crisis in Texas, early-modern European material culture, pastoral poetry and literature, museum & archival interpretation, letter-exchange postal networks, and gift-exchange rail networks.

Stephanie is currently an Assistant Instructor in the department of American Studies and a collaborator on the digital public humanities project Mapping Violence: 1900-1930 with principal investigator Dr. Monica Martinez, Associate Professor of History at UT Austin. (