Adaylin Alvarez

Undergraduate Intern (Summer 2020; Fall 2020)
Undergraduate Interns Alumni

Adaylin Alvarez (she/her), born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, is an activist and a senior in the liberal arts honors program studying Biology and English. Adaylin’s academic studies and research interests are centered on analyzing the intersectional struggles of marginalized groups through the lens of class, nationality, and race with the intent of understanding the relationship between the Orient and Occident as instruments of orientalism and the othering of people of color. From Edward Said to Toni Morrison, Adaylin uses literature and critical theory to conduct research regarding the othering of people of color by the U.S. government to promote its agenda as an imperialist country. Adaylin has previously conducted research on combating antibiotic resistance by analyzing certain strains of bacteria, combating climate change by working with indigenous people as agents of environmental conservation, and reducing racial bias within the healthcare industry. During Fall 2020, Adaylin became a part of UT’s oldest women and non-binary service organization, the Texas Orange Jackets, and has worked with fellow members in creating and maintaining different organizations that inform UT students, members of the Austin community, and college students across the country of different resources available to them during the coronavirus pandemic. After graduating from UT, Adaylin plans to join the Peace Corps and attend law school with the intent of becoming an immigration or civil rights lawyer.