Aleksandar Tinkovski

Undergraduate Intern (Spring 2016)
Undergraduate Interns Alumni
Aleks Tinkovski

Aleksandar Tinkovski is a junior pursuing a dual degree in Communication Studies and International Relations & Global Studies, with a minor in Asian Studies. His academic interests converge on the many issues related to development—from studying the complex history that may explain why poverty endures in certain societies, to looking at how political and economic institutions become ineffective and fail to serve public well-being. His interest in human rights derives from an intriguing class on human rights and conflict in South Asia that he took at UT, during which he had the opportunity to research how human rights are construed during times of democratic transition. Outside of his academic work, he has engaged in various enriching experiences: he completed an internship at the City of San Antonio’s International Relations Office, where he participated in various aspects of protocol related to managing the city’s international affairs, and has previously participated in UT’s Liberal Arts Council and Multicultural Leadership Institute. He looks forward to graduate studies in international development.