Alice Kurima Newberry

Anthropology; Summer Fieldwork Grantee (2023)
Summer Fieldwork Grantees Affiliated Graduate Students

In what ways does US imperialism overseas shape foodways? My work centers around Okinawa and the US base occupations that emerged after WWII. With 32 US military bases on mainland Okinawa and a growing presence of militarism on other Ryukyu islands and more broadly in the Pacific, continual war-making continues to shape the lives of those living throughout the islands. More than 70 years have passed since Okinawa was "returned" to Japan (1972), yet growing violence and harm continue to destroy the precious and sacred ecologies while preventing self-determination and sovereignty. Fundamental to Okinawan identity is Yuimaaru (mutual aid) and food. My work focuses on complicating cultural identities and community relationships surrounding food in the wake of military aid and influence.