Bianca (Nieves) Vázquez

Barbara Harlow Intern in Human Rights & Social Justice (Spring 2020)
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Bianca (Nieves) Vázquez is a senior studying Psychology and Mexican American & Latina/o Studies with a certificate in Conflict Resolution & Peace Studies. Their academic studies are centered on the analysis of migration and marginalization through the lens of race, gender, sexuality, and class, and focus on psychological impact and structural oppression. They have conducted research and fieldwork at ITESM Ciudad de México, UT Austin, and La Union del Pueblo Entero en San Juan, Texas. For two years, Nieves has been a member of the student staff at UT’s Gender & Sexuality Center (GSC), where they have worked with women and LGBTQIA+ communities on and off campus. Their work at the GSC has bridged human rights and the arts through participation in the theatrical Peers for Pride program; the spoken word, zine and art-making activism of HERE; and planning for the annual conference hosted by Feminist Action Project and the Queer & Trans Student Alliance. Their community outside of academia involve Danza Ollinyollotl, the Native American & Indigenous Collective, and KVRX Austin Student Radio. When they’re not studying, they’re curating music playlists for their radio show, Café con Pan, where they play music from Latin America in various languages and genres.