Chaumtoli Huq

Founder, Editor-In-Chief, Law@theMargins

Chaumtoli Huq founded Law@theMargins in 2013 and serves as its Editor-In-Chief.  Huq is a social justice innovator with extensive experience in movement lawyering, litigation, public policy, management and creation of programs from emerging trends in law, teaching, assisting non-profits and individuals with strategic direction and governance issues mainly in areas of labor, human rights both in the United States and South Asia. Huq is a contributor to the anthology Voices of Resistance: Muslim Women on War, Faith and Sexuality (Ed. Sarah Husain; Seal Press 2006), co-author of “Laying the Groundwork for Post 9-11 Alliances: Reflections Ten Years Later on Desis and Organizing” (Asian American Literary Review, Volume 2, Issue 1.5, Fall 2011) and has authored Op-Eds in Al Jazeera, Huffington Post and Daily Star, the largest English daily in Bangladesh.