Daniel Blocq

Lieutenant in the Royal Netherlands Navy
Event Speakers

Daniel Blocq is a Lieutenant in the Royal Netherlands Navy and served as a UN Military Observer for the UN Mission in the Sudan (UNMIS). During the six months that he spent in the Sudan, Lt. Blocq gained considerable insight into the factors that affect the success of UN Missions. He is currently a PhD candidate in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He earned degrees in International and European Law and in Tax Law from the University of Amsterdam, and received his Master's in Law from Cornell University. Lt. Blocq was an Assistant Professor at the Netherlands Defense Academy and a Part-time Legal Advisor at the Royal Netherlands Naval College. He has published works on asymmetrical warfare, the use of force by soldiers, the War on Terrorism, and UN peacekeeping, and has given lectures in England, Hungary, the Netherlands, and the US. He received research fellowships from the Netherlands and from Emory Law School, and was the recipient of the Commodore's Teaching Award.