Ikram Mohamed

Barbara Harlow Intern in Human Rights & Social Justice (Spring 2023)
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Read Ikram's Human Rights Commentary, "The Immigrant-Industrial Complex: An Analysis of Post-9/11 Immigration Enforcement and the Detention of Immigrants in the United States"

Ikram Mohamed is a junior Journalism and Sociology major pursuing a certificate in Human Rights and Social Justice through the Bridging Disciplines Program. Ikram is passionate about uplifting marginalized voices and reporting on communities that have been notoriously misrepresented and/or ignored by the media. She previously interned with the Austin Chronicle and Texas Observer and is currently an intern at Texas Monthly and a senior projects reporter at the Daily Texan, where she works on investigative pieces. Outside of her roles as a journalist, Ikram is a member of UT’s oldest women and non-binary service organization, Texas Orange Jackets, where she is currently working on a project with her tap class focused on uplifting and supporting refugee communities within the Austin area. As a professional, Ikram hopes to bring light to issues that have been ignored and unearth important, impactful stories that have been tucked away. Her goal is for her work to allow meaningful change to be made and hold government officials and predatory systems accountable.