Iman Shah

Undergraduate Intern (Spring 2019)
Undergraduate Interns Alumni

Iman Shah is a recently graduated senior with majors in Journalism and Women's & Gender Studies, and a certificate in LGBTQ Studies. He has worked at UT's Gender and Sexuality Center as student staff for the past year and a half, where he collaborates with community members on various projects and collected a growing database of digital resources. Over the same span of time, he was part of the UT Peers for Pride cohort that facilitated discussions and scripted performances about creating thriving queer communities in Austin. In his senior year, he participated in the IE Pre-Graduate School Internship, working with a Journalism Ph.D. candidate mentor to help research the effects of social media networks on political engagement and guest lecture on audio editing to classes. He's enjoyed participating in Gamma Rho Lambda, an LGBTQ society on campus, and DKA, a cinematic society where he worked on one of the organization's first short films with queer main characters. Iman is interested in collaborating with members of marginalized communities to dismantle systems of oppression, equipped with some of the tools he continues to accrue through his education and relationships. He plans to attend UC Berkeley School of Law in the fall to pursue a legal career in the public interest field.