Jason Hernandez

President Obama Clemency Recipient; Soros Justice Fellow; Author of "Get Clemency Now"
Event Speakers

Jason Hernandez is an advocate for clemency process reform and serves on the board of the Buried Alive Project, which works to eliminate life-without-parole sentences handed down under federal drug law. Hernandez is known as one of “Obama’s Eight”—the first wave of low-level, nonviolent drug offenders to be granted clemency by President Barack Obama. While in prison, Hernandez became a respected “jailhouse attorney” and was paid to work on other prisoners’ cases, many of which involved parental rights, child support, and divorce. Hernandez contributed an Op-Ed piece to The New York Times titled “The Power of Clemency” (Jan 2018). Also in 2018, Hernandez received a Latino Justice Media Fellowship and a Soros Justice Fellowship. He is developing a curriculum and toolkit to support clemency campaigns, working with the legal clinic at the Texas A&M University School of Law and New York University.