Jennifer Laurin

Wright C. Morrow Professor of Law
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Jennifer Laurin is The Wright C. Morrow Professor at the University of Texas School of Law. She teaches courses specializing in civil rights, criminal law, criminal procedure, and public service lawyering. Laurin’s scholarship has considered the role of constitutional litigation in regulating police, the shared roles of courts, police, and lawyers in regulating forensic science, and oversight of indigent defense. She is co-author of the leading treatise, Police Misconduct: Law and Litigation (3rd ed., 2017-2018), and has published articles in Columbia Law Review, Texas Law Review, Notre Dame Law Review, and the Ohio State Journal of Criminal Law, among others. Laurin is active in criminal justice law reform efforts and serves as Reporter to the American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Standards Task Force, member of the Texas Bar Association Committee on Criminal Pattern Jury Instruction, and former Chair of the Texas Capital Punishment Assessment team. Laurin holds a BA from Earlham College and a JD from Columbia Law School.