Judith Kimerling

Professor of Law and Policy at The City University of New York
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Judith Kimerling is a Professor of Law and Policy at The City University of New York, with a joint appointment at CUNY Law School and Queens College. Professor Kimerling's research focuses on the environmental and social impact of oil development in the Amazon rainforest. In addition to working directly with indigenous populations, she has also served as an environmental litigator and as an Assistant Attorney General for New York State. Her book Amazon Crude (Natural Resources Defense Council, 1991) had a significant impact on both international environmental and human rights policy agendas and prompted a well-known class action lawsuit, Aguinda v. Texaco, Inc. Her recent publications include "Transnational Operations, Bi-National Injustice: Indigenous Amazonian Peoples and Ecuador, ChevronTexaco, and Aguinda v. Texaco" (L'Observateur des Nations Unies, 2008); "Transnational Operations, Bi-National Injustice: ChevronTexaco and Indigenous Huaorani and Kichwa in  the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador" ( American Indian Law Review, 2007); "Indigenous Peoples and the Oil Frontier in Amazonia: The Case of Ecuador, ChevronTexaco and Aguinda v. Texaco" (New York University Journal of International Law and Politics, 2006); and ¿Modelo o Mito? Tecnología de punta y normas internacionales en los campos petroleros de la Occidental (Ediciones Abya Yala and FLACSO Ecuador, 2006). Professor Kimerling received The Field Museum's 2007 Parker/Gentry Award, has been a Visiting Scholar at Yale Law School, and received a Special Achievement Award from Rainforest Action Network and a Feliks Gross Endowment Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement from CUNY Academy for Humanities and Sciences. She holds a J.D. from Yale Law School and a B.A. from the University of Michigan.