Julio Solórzano Foppa

Producer and Writer
Event Speakers

Julio Solórzano Foppa is a producer, writer and director from Mexico City. His professional life has been centered mostly around organizing and producing international cultural and artistic events. He has organized several Performing Arts Festivals, among them "The International Festival of the Caribbean Culture” and “Human Rights for the Artistic and Cultural Perspective.” He has been the producer and artistic director of several records, the writer and director of many radio programs, and the producer of two feature films, “Cabeza de Vaca” and “Cronos.” In 2000, he was the first Latin American appointed as a board member of the International Society for the Performing Arts. His mother, Alaíde Foppa, a feminist, poet, art critic and university professor, was kidnapped and disappeared on December 19, 1980, by the Guatemalan Army.