Kaitlin Passafiume

Spanish & Portuguese; Graduate Summer Fellow (2022)
Graduate Fellows Affiliated Graduate Students

Kaitlin Passafiume is a fifth-year PhD candidate in the Spanish and Portuguese Department, where she instructs students of diverse skill levels. Her research focuses on decolonizing performance strategies in Mexico, Chile, and Brazil, highlighting performative protest as an effective strategy against social injustices initiated by colonialism. Kaitlin has worked with Texas original groups like the Cohuiltecans on securing the proper burial of their ancestors' remains, and she has written extensively on recent and ongoing human rights abuses committed against the LGBTQIA+ community in Chile, for which she received a Tinker Research Grant. Finally, Kaitlin is honored to be a part of the summer 2022 Rapoport team, putting her multilingual skills and editing experience to use for social justice.