Luciana Barretto Lemos

Latin American Studies; Summer Fieldwork Grantee (2023)
Summer Fieldwork Grantees Affiliated Graduate Students

Luciana Lemos is a Ph.D. student in Latin American Studies at the University of Texas, Austin. She holds a bachelor's degree in Law from Universidade Salvador - Unifacs in Salvador, Brazil, and a master's degree in Public Administration from the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in Urban Affairs and Planning. Her research focuses on equitable access to water and sanitation. Luciana has practical experience in the area of public law, working as a consultant and researcher on urban infrastructure and environmental law in Brazil. During her master's program, Luciana was a Fellow for the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Pittsburgh. She also conducted research as a member of the Ford Institute for Human Security, where she investigated water governance and water affordability issues in Latin America and the United States. Luciana's doctoral research centers on water governance in the Amazon Region in Brazil. Her research seeks to understand the implications of indigenous water epistemologies for alternate water management planning and governance modes.