Nayna Hatangadi

Law; Sissy Farenthold Scholar in Reproductive Justice (2023-2024)
Human Rights Scholars Sissy Farenthold Scholars in Reproductive Justice Affiliated Graduate Students

Nayna Hatangadi (B.A. 2019, McGill University; J.D. expected 2025) interned this past summer for The Southern District of Texas under Judge Alfred H. Bennett, as well as Save Our Springs, an environmental non-profit, in Austin, Texas. Before law school, she volunteered with the United Nations, where she researched and analyzed countries’ progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly Ghana’s progress towards achieving an end to Gender Based Violence.  As an undergraduate, Nayna interned with Global Mind-ED where she studied and outcomes and educational opportunities for first-generation-to-college students, with a particular focus on mothers entering higher education. While at McGill University, she wrote her senior thesis on the impact of Western Feminism as a form of Neo-Colonial Control and Predatory Compassion in India. In law school, Nayna has participated in several pro bono projects, is a staff editor on the Texas Journal of Civil Liberties & Civil Rights, and the vice president of administration of If/When/How.