R. Joseph Parrott

Affiliated Graduate Students

R. Joseph Parrott is a doctoral candidate in the Department of History and a Graduate Fellow with the Clements Center for National Security. His dissertation, “Struggle for Solidarity: The New Left, Portuguese African Decolonization, and the End of the Cold War Consensus,” examines how Euro-American activists adopted Lusophone liberation struggles as models for transnational social, economic, and racial justice. This ideologically diverse, multi-racial movement rejected anti-communism in favor of a new internationalism that championed human rights and greater equality between global North and South. Formerly a resident fellow with the Miller Center of Public Affairs and Yale’s International Security Studies, Joe’s work has been supported by presidential libraries, the Black Metropolis Research Consortium, the Council for European Studies, the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, and the New York Public Library. Articles and commentary have appeared in Race & Class, Waging Nonviolence, the History News Network, and edited volumes. He holds Master’s degrees in History from UT Austin and Public Policy from the University of Virginia.