Rachel Ida Buff

Professor of History, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

Rachel Ida Buff is Professor of History and Director of the Culture and Communities Program at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. Her research and teaching interests include immigration rights, comparative ethnic studies, and diasporic cultural citizenship. She has published a multitude of books and articles including her latest book Against the Deportation Terror: Organizing for Immigrant Rights in the Twentieth Century and chapter publications in Deportation in the Americas, Histories of Exclusion and Resistance (2017), Antisemitism: Solidarity and the Struggle for Justice in Palestine (2017), and New Routes for Diaspora Studies (2012). Her previous appointments include Coordinator of of the Comparative Ethnic Studies program at the University of Wisconsin - Madison and Associate Professor of History at Bowling Green State University. Buff holds a BA from Brown University and an MA and PhD in American Studies from the University of Minnesota.