Samuel Moyn

Professor of Law and History, Harvard University
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Samuel Moyn is Professor of Law and History at Harvard University, and researches and writes in the fields of human rights and humanitarian law, legal history, European intellectual history, and political theory. In addition to authoring numerous articles and book chapters in both history and law, he has written several books, including The Last Utopia: Human Rights in History (2010), Human Rights and the Uses of History (2014) and, most recently, Christian Human Rights (2015). He is editor of the interdisciplinary journal Humanity, co-editor of Modern Intellectual History and holds editorial positions at several other publications. In 2008, he was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship. Before joining the faculty at Harvard in 2014, Moyn was a member of the history faculty at Columbia University. Moyn received a BA from Washington University, a JD from Harvard Law School and an MA and PhD from the University of California, Berkeley.