Stoyan Madin

Law (LLM)
Affiliated Graduate Students

Stoyan is a joint Thanks to Scandinavia and Fulbright Scholar from Bulgaria pursuing an LL.M. in Human Rights & Comparative Constitutional Law at The University of Texas School of Law. Stoyan holds a Master of Laws from Sofia University and serves as a judge at the Criminal Division of the Sofia District Court (2012-Present). His professional experience includes working as a legal expert for the Commission for Protection Against Discrimination and as a prosecutor at the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office. Apart from his duties at the Sofia District Court, he is a member of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Judges Association since the fall of 2015 and has devoted time and effort for promoting the independence and integrity of the Bulgarian Judiciary. In 2016 he was selected for a long-term training and working program with the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and spent there one year working in the Registry of the Court.