Tabias Olajuawon Wilson

Graduate Summer Fellow (2019); African & African Diaspora Studies
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Tabias Olajuawon Wilson, JD, is a PhD Candidate in African and African Diaspora Studies, a graduate of Tufts University and Howard Law School, and the author of “Godless Circumcisions: A Recollecting & Re-membering of Blackness, Queerness, & Flows of Survivance.”

His dissertation employs Critical Race, Black Feminist, Performance, Women's & Gender Studies, and legal methodologies to examine how instances and (extra) legal precedents of anti-Black violence and racial-sexual terror continue to frame and render Black life as both in and out of (line with) law. He deploys a BlaQueer gaze to engage the creative, legal, and literary to uncover an emerging approach to encountering, understanding, and extrapolating anti-Blackness as a legal precedent and a site of Black knowledge production.