Treasure Ibe

Barbara Harlow Intern in Human Rights & Social Justice (Summer 2022)
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Read Treasure's Human Rights Commentary, titled "TRENDING NOW: #EndSARS: Nigerian and Global Twitter, Protests, and Resistance Literature"

Treasure Ibe is a junior International Relations and Global Studies major, pursuing a certificate in Human Rights and Social Justice through the Bridging Disciplines Program, and a Portuguese minor. Additionally, she is a student in the Portuguese Flagship Program, where she attains a working, intermediate proficiency in the Portuguese language, and through which she will be participating in a capstone year in Brazil. Her interests include conflict and peace, international law, and forced migration. She demonstrates her passion for human rights and social justice by her local volunteerism and advocacy through the on-campus organization LARA, Longhorns for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Furthermore, she works as a Research Assistant through IPD, Innovations for Peace and Development, on a project that focuses on the state of policing within the United States. Treasure has been awarded a 2020 UGS Writing Flag Award for her paper on the links between the history of slavery, the criminalization of Black individuals within the United States and police brutality, which has been published in the Texas ScholarWorks repository. Currently, she works as a Student Assistant for the UT Child Development Center. Her hobbies include reading, listening to music and learning different languages. After graduation, she plans to attend law school and specialize in international law and international human rights law.