Zipporah B. Wiseman

Thos. H. Law Centennial Professor Emerita in Law
Event Speakers

An expert in commercial law, Professor Wiseman also taught and wrote on issues in feminist legal theory. She was co-author of Commercial Law: Cases and Materials (Little, Brown, 2nd ed., 1982), co-editor of Representing Women: Law, Literature and Feminism (Duke, 1994), and author of several articles, including "The Limits of Vision: Karl Llewellyn and the Merchant Rules" (Harvard Law Review, 1987).

Professor Wiseman clerked for Justice Raymond Wilkins of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court after graduating from Yale Law School. She was a fellow of the Mary Ingraham Bunting Institute of Radcliffe College, a Visiting Professor at Harvard Law School; Washington College of Law; American University; Boston College Law School; University of San Diego Institute of International & Comparative Law, Paris, France and London, England and L'Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris.

Before coming to the University of Texas, Professor Wiseman was a Professor of Law at Northeastern University Law School in Boston where she had also been a private practitioner and a public interest lawyer.