Regional Seminar on Natural Resource Governance, Inequalities and Human Rights

Location: Lima, Peru

On November 8—10, 2017, the Rapoport Center, the Latin America Regional Office of the Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) and the Latin American Network on Extractive Industries (RLIE) co-organized a conference in Lima, Peru on natural resource governance, inequality and human rights.

Participants in the overall event included scholars from Latin America, Europe and the US, activists and policymakers from across the region, as well as economists from the United Nation’s Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. The Rapoport Center was represented by our co-director Daniel Brinks, Associate Professor of Government at UT Austin.

The conference included events over three days. The first half consisted of a seminar examining the relationship between natural resource governance, human rights and inequality. The second half was a workshop organized by NRGI and RLIE, to discuss the preliminary results on research and public policy proposals to enhance the participation of subnational governments in decision making regarding extractive industries, and discussing strategies for productive diversification in territories that are currently resource dependent.

To view video from the conference, please click on this YouTube link. All presentations are in Spanish. The schedule of events and list of speakers is below.

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