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The Legacy of Fred Korematsu

Location: Townes Hall (TNH) 2.138, UT Law School

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This year marks 80 years since the Supreme Court ruled on Korematsu v. United States. Fred Korematsu, along with tens of thousands of other Japanese Americans, were incarcerated during WWII. In 1983, a district court in Northern California cleared Korematsu of any wrongdoing and he was awarded the Medal of Freedom in 1998. Dr. Karen Korematsu, Executive Director of the Fred T. Korematsu Institute will be in conversation with Professor Arnold Jin on the importance of Korematsu 80 years later.

Dr. Karen Korematsu is the Founder and Executive Director of the Fred T. Korematsu Institute and the daughter of the late civil rights icon, Fred Korematsu. Karen is a national speaker and travels the country advocating for civil liberties, social justice, civics, and ethnic studies education. She promotes Fred Korematsu Day of Civil Liberties and the Constitution on January 30 in perpetuity for all fifty states.

This event is hosted by the Center for Asian American Studies.


The Rapoport Center for Human Rights and Justice
The William Wayne Justice Center for Public Interest Law

Event series: Sissy Farenthold Fund for Peace and Social Justice, Co-sponsorships