Previous Book talk Events

  1. Join us for a conversation with Caitlin Killian, Sociologist and author of Failing Moms: Social Condemnation and Criminalization of Mothers.
  2. Author Fatin Abbas will read from her novel, Ghost Season, and from a memoir about her family’s exile from Sudan. Set in the borderlands of Sudan and South Sudan, Abbas’s novel explores narratives of civil war, delving into themes of conflict, climate change, community, nationhood, and humanitarian aid, and draws on her family’s experience of political repression following her father’s imprisonment in Sudan. Abbas' reading will reflect on the ongoing war in Sudan to examine relations between arts, literature, activism, and human rights.
  3. Professor Wendy A. Bach of the University of Tennessee College of Law discussed new book, "Prosecuting Poverty, Criminalizing Care," which focuses on Tennessee’s fetal assault law as an example of the criminalization of care in poor communities. Professor Aziza Ahmed, Boston University School of Law, responded.
  4. Speakers:
    • Professor Emerita of Ethnic Studies, California State University
    • Senior United States Circuit Judge, United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
    • Wright C. Morrow Professor of Law
    • Associate Professor of English and Creative Writing, University of Texas at Austin
    A celebration of the publication of Michael Tigar’s latest memoir, "Sensing Injustice: A Lawyer’s Life in the Battle for Change."