Previous Natural Resource Governance, Inequality & Human Rights Events

The fall 2016 colloquium on Natural Resource Governance, Inequality & Human Rights was structured around examining the different sites of governance over natural resources and the processes of extraction. It posed as critical questions: (1) Who is making decisions regarding natural resources extraction; (2) How these decisions are made; and (3) What are the consequences of such decision-making processes? The colloquium brought international and national scholars working on these issues to the Rapoport Center, with speakers calling on us to reflect on how natural resource extraction governance might create, accentuate or ameliorate forms of unequal distribution. For a reflection on the colloquium and connected seminar, please click here.

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  2. Speakers:
    • Louis A. Horvitz Professor of Law, Harvard Law School
    • Lloyd M. Bentsen Chair in Law & Associate Dean for Research, Texas Law
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  4. Speaker:
    • Assistant Professor of Law and Economics, Goethe University, Frankfurt
  5. Speaker:
    • Director of Research Centers and Senior Lecturer, University of Wisconsin Law School