Space Law: The Business of Space Operations

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Class Unique: 28045
Online-only Class Unique: 28054

The 28045 section of this course will be taught in person but with the option of occasional remote participation via Zoom.  If students require all remote participation, they must register for the 28054 section of this course, which is identical but web-based.

This class will examine the operations of commercial space companies from the perspective of in-house counsel. We will cover both general concerns and space industry specific concerns designed to give students a broad understanding of the legal issues face by commercial space comapanies to prepare students for commercial space law practice. The course will be focused on problem solving and risk management from a legal standpoint. We will cover four broad areas: Commercial Licensing, International Trade and Investment, Commercial Space Transactions, and Government Contracting. Each week will have a lecture and practium component. The lecture will cover material designed to help students participate in the practicum component of the class. Practicums will be group problem solving activities and discussions designed to help familiarize students with how the concepts and law we cover are applied in the real-world commercial context.

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Tuesday, Thursday 6:25 - 7:15 pm TNH 3.142
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