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U.S. Attorney Internship - 7 credits (fall, spring) Taught by Susan R. Klein and Anthony Brown First and second-year students are eligible to apply for a two-semester "for credit" internship with the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Texas. This course has two components: a three-credit class offered every fall and a four-credit internship to be completed over two successive semesters (2 credits in fall and 2 credits in spring). The class component, offered only in the fall, is a three-unit Advanced Federal Criminal Prosecution course. This course, taught by Professor Susan R. Klein and Chief Assistant Anthony Brown, will meet once per week. This course is a writing seminar. The course will address the duties of federal criminal prosecutors, including grand jury procedure, drafting indictments, calculating a sentence under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines post-Booker, designing an undercover operation, and responding to evidentiary and discovery objections. A student may take this course without enrolling in the internship, but all interns must take the course. Students wishing to enroll in the internship must take Federal Criminal Law either prior to or during their internship year and are strongly encouraged to take Criminal Procedure: Investigation as well. The internship component requires a commitment to work 10 hours per week for two consecutive semesters at the U.S. Attorney's Office in Austin. You will assist in the prosecution of federal criminal cases under the supervision of an Assistant United States Attorney. Students will receive two credits "pass-fail" for the internship per semester. All applicants must undergo an FBI background check, so students should apply several months in advance of their start date. Interested students should give copies of their cover letter and resume to Prof. Klein's assistant, Heather Cook, TNH 3.269. Originals should be mailed to: Anthony Brown Chief, United States Attorney's Office 816 Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78701 Mr. Brown will call you for an interview. If selected, students will need to register for the internship in the Student Affairs Office. For 2010-2011 academic year, please apply by 3/31/2010.