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MON, TUE, WED 10:30 - 11:20 am TNH 3.129

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Federal Courts • Semester: Fall 2019 • Course ID: 386 • Credit Hours: 3. This course offers a three-hour option in Federal Courts, in the congeniality of a small discussion group. This is a classic course in Federal Courts — the advanced study that undergirds counseling with regard to federal law and liabilities thereunder. Federal Courts is considered essential grounding for a first-class practice, as it is for entry to judicial clerkship, federal or state. Our group focuses on the dynamics of the subject -- clashes of power between national and state courts, between government and judges, controversial judicial lawmaking, and collisions of state and federal law.  Evaluation is based on participation and memoranda. The required Federal Courts casebook and 2019 Supplement are the professor's own, and are available free of charge on Canvas.  This course is complete in itself.  Nevertheless, it MAY be taken in addition to any other course in Federal Courts. (Our discussions can pique your interest in taking a formal course, and a formal course can pique your interest in further discussion.)  This course may NOT be taken by students who have taken Professor Weinberg’s course in Constitutional Law II. This course is closed to first-year students and to visitors who have not completed American courses in Torts, Constitutional Law, and Criminal Law. Otherwise it is open to all first-comers — there is no application. There is NO pass/fail option and NO grade/no grade option. Three hours.


Textbooks ( * denotes required )

Federal Courts: Judicial Federalism and Judicial Power-on-Canvas *
West )On Canvas) , edition: On CanvaS
ISBN: 0-314-03565-9
Federal Courts: 2019 Cumulative Case Supplement-on-Canvas *
(On Canvas) , edition: On Canvas


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