Real Estate Financing

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TUE, THU 4:15 - 5:36 pm TNH 3.140

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Final (administered by Exam4) May 12, 2021


This course will be taught in person but with the option of remote participation via Zoom.  Please note that this course might become online-only in the event that actual in-person attendance during the semester consistently falls below a threshold to be determined in the exercise of reasonable discretion by the instructor and the Student Affairs Office.

Real Estate Financing is for students with some knowledge or experience in the industry, those who have completed Law 331K (Real Estate Transactions in 2019 and Real Estate Transactions and Practice in 2020), or with permission from the Professor. Completion of or concurrent enrollment in Secured Credit (Law 380D) is recommended, but not required. The course will begin with an introduction to the real estate finance industry, including vocabulary and law. From there, the course will focus on key loan documents customarily found in real estate financings, and the statutory and case law underlying the contents of those documents. Relative interests of borrowers, lenders and other parties will be discussed throughout the course. While this is not a drafting course per se, drafting opportunities will be provided. This course is intended to be a fairly intensive examination of the legal aspects of real estate financing, with emphasis on typical documents and laws underlying them. Materials to be used will be supplied by the Professor in PDF format. Also, students will be responsible for obtaining copies of the cases discussed in the supplied materials.

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