The Immigration Consequences Of Criminal Conduct

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MON 3:45 - 5:35 pm JON 5.206

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Same as LAW 279P, The Immigration Consequences Of Criminal Conduct.

This course focuses on the intersection between criminal and immigration law, providing both theoretical and practical understanding of the impact of criminal conduct on immigration status. We will explore specific grounds of deportation and inadmissibility related to criminal conduct and the impact of criminal history on relief available under immigraiton law. We will analyze the laws, policies and constitutionality of immigration enforcement including mandatory detention resulting from interaction with the criminal justice system. In addition, we will consider recent federal and local policies regarding policing non-citizens and their effectiveness and impact on the immigrant and broader community. Outside speakers will be invited. Students must have previously taken the Immigration Clinic or Immigration Law survey course or have had other significant immigration law experience. Application and faculty approval are required to enroll in the class. The application is available through Student Affairs. Grading is pass/fail based on attendance, participation and completion of required reflection memos and other assignments.

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