SMNR: Internet Law and Policy

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WED 3:45 - 5:35 pm CCJ 3.306

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The law and policies that govern the internet touch on all aspects of our digital ecosystem. As lawyers, you can expect to engage with these issues whether you are interested in corporate law, litigation, or regulatory law. This course is intended to be a primer on the core legal frameworks that govern the internet, including those that were not designed with the internet in mind, but must still adapt to the changing technology landscape.

There is no prior knowledge required for this course. We will review tech fundamentals in the beginning of the course, going over the origins of the internet, how it was built (tubes are not involved), why it was built, and how it has changed over time (Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0). You will gain familiarity with technical concepts such as code, algorithms, protocols, servers, open-source, the backbone, hashes, etc.

We will review the regulatory bodies at the state, federal, and international levels that govern the internet and the different — and at times conflicting — roles they play. We will consider issues such as net neutrality, internet speech and Section 230, encryption, cybersecurity, data privacy, and intermediary liability, among other things.

Grades will be based on: 30% class participation,* 15% 1,000 word paper, 20% 1,500 word paper, 35% 4,000 word paper.

*It is important to me and the ethos of the class that all individuals feel equally capable of engaging with the material and gaining value from the discussions. Therefore, if any individual is concerned with the class participation portion of the grade for personal reasons, I encourage them to reach out privately and we can work to establish an alternative grading mechanism.

Textbooks ( * denotes required )

Internet Law Cases and Materials. Available at: *
Semaphore Press , edition: 12th


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