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John Deigh

John Deigh

  • Professor of Philosophy and Law

Faculty Profile: John Deigh

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John Deigh joined the Texas faculty in 2003 after more than twenty years of teaching at Northwestern University. He is a professor in both the law school and the philosophy department. His primary areas of research are moral, political, and legal philosophy. He is widely known for his work in moral psychology. He is the author of The Sources of Moral Agency (Cambridge University Press, 1996), Emotions, Values and the Law (Oxford University Press, 2008), and An Introduction to Ethics (Cambridge University Press, 2010). His recent articles include “William James and the Rise of Scientific Psychology”, Emotion Review (2014), “Human Rights as Political Rights”, Journal of Social Philosophy (2013), “Ethics in the Analytic Tradition” in The Oxford Handbook of the History of Ethics, R. Crisp, ed. (Oxford University Press, 2013), “Reactive Attitudes Revisited” in Morality and the Emotions, C. Bagnoli ed. (Oxford University Press, 2011), and “Empathy, Justice, and Jurisprudence,” Southern Journal of Philosophy, Spindel Supplement, (2011). Other articles include “Rights and the Authority of Law”, University of Chicago Law Review (1984), “Cognitivism in the Theory of Emotions,” Ethics (1994), “Empathy and Universalizability,” Ethics (1995), and “All Kinds of Guilt”, Law and Philosophy (1999)

Deigh serves on the editorial boards of Ethics, Analytic Philosophy, and Law and Philosophy and is an associate editor of the 9 volume International Encyclopedia of Ethics (Wiley/Blackwell, 2013). From 1997-2008 he was the editor of Ethics. Deigh has held visiting appointments at the University of Chicago and the University of Illinois at Chicago and research fellowships at the Hastings Center and the RSSS of the Australian National University.

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Professional Activities


October 8, 2010

"Empathy, Justice, and Jurisprudence"

University of Memphis

Keynote paper at the 29th Annual Spindel Conference


September 15, 2009

"Empathy in Law"

XXIV World Congress of Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy

Workshop on virtues in law held in Beijing, China

January 16, 2009

"Reactive Attitudes Revisited"

University of Basel

Conference on Self-Evaluation - Individual and Collective, held in Basel, Switzerland.


November 30, 2008

"Concepts of Emotion in Modern Philosophy and Psychology"

University of Texas at Austin

5th annual Royal conference in ethics

November 22, 2008

"When Speech Invades Privacy: Some Ruminations on Cohen v. California"

University of Chicago Law School

Paper presented at a conference on Speech, Privacy, and the Internet: The University and Beyond


September 28, 2007

Paper Presentation

University of Kansas Philosophy Department

Presented a paper, \"Moral Agency and Criminal Responsibility\" to the philosophy department of the University of Kansas on September 28th.

August 23, 2007

Paper Presentation

University of Auckland Philosophy Department

Presented a paper, \"Williams on Practical Reason, a Qualified Defense\" to the philosophy department of the University of Auckland, August 23.

August 15, 2007

Visiting Fellowship

Research School of Social Sciences

Visiting Fellow in the Social and Political Theory Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University, May 15 - August 15.

August 13, 2007

Paper Presentation

Centre for Applied Ethics and Public Philosophy Seminar Series

Presented a paper, \"Moral Agency and Criminal Responsibility\" in the seminar series of the Centre for Applied Ethics and Public Philosophy, Australian National University on August 13th.

August 6, 2007

Workshop Participation

David Estlund\'s Democratic Authority

Participated in workshop on David Estlund\'s Democratic Authority sponsored by the RSSS Social and Political Theory Program on August 6th.

May 26, 2007

Paper Presentation

University of Aarhus Conference on Emotions, Self and Identity

Presented a paper, \"Emotions and Values\", at the conference on Emotions, Self and Identity at the University of Aarhus, Aarhus, Denmark, May 24th through the 26th.

May 17, 2007

Paper Presentation

RSSS Philosophy Program

Presented a paper, \"Williams on Practical Reason, a Qualified Defense\" in the RSSS Philosophy Program\'s seminar series on May 17th.


November 30, 2006

Workshop on Emotions

National Institute of Health

Joint bioethics colloquium, Department of Bioethics, Clinical Center, National Institute of Health