Sonya Spielberg

Sonya Spielberg

  • Adjunct Professor

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Sonya Spielberg is an adjunct faculty member teaching “Labor law, Unions and the National Labor Relations Act.”  She has 25 years’ experience practicing labor law in both the private and public sectors (federal and state).  Currently serving as senior counsel to Member David Prouty with the National Labor Relations Board, she has previously worked in the appellate court section where she has defended the NLRB in circuit court.

In addition, Ms. Spielberg has worked for the Maryland Attorney General’s office as counsel to the State and Higher Education Labor Relations Boards. She has regular and advanced mediation training and has worked for and assisted in publications with Professor Julius Getman (retired, UT law). She is also the cofounder of Camp Jojo, a Colorado nature based camp dedicated to supporting teens who have experienced loss to suicide.

Ms. Spielberg is a graduate of the University of Virginia (BA) and William and Mary Law. She has clerked with Justice Whiting of the Virginia Supreme Court and Mag. Judge Andrew J. Peck (S.D.N.Y.).