Texas Law Magazine

We’re proud to announce the inaugural issue of Texas Law Magazine, a biannual publication for the alumni of The University of Texas School of Law. Look for it in mailboxes the week of May 13, 2024.

Texas Law Magazine cover - spring 2024

Spring 2024, Volume 1, Issue 1

Spring 2024 Features


America Votes

By Prof. Joshua Sellers

A host of legal issues may play a key role in how we vote, and how we count votes, in the 2024 election.

photo collage in multiple colors

All Fun and Games

By Christopher Roberts

How Texas Law’s innovative Society Program has transformed the law school experience for the past two decades.

Dean Bobby Chesney: The Future is Being Built Here

Building the Future

An interview with Dean Bobby Chesney

Our 16th dean tells us what it takes to be the best public law school in America—and why he loves the challenge.

A Look Inside

Here’s a sampling of stories from the Spring 2024 issue that you can read online.

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Uniting Legal Minds

A letter from Dean Bobby Chesney introducing the new Texas Law Magazine.

Courtroom sketch

The Indomitable Lisa Blatt ’89

“My style, if it’s unique, it’s that I have this very strong view that truth is the best form of advocacy.”

Drawing of pharmacists and dollar sign

Opinion: Why are drugs so !&$@#%! expensive?

Prof. Melissa Wasserman on the hidden costs of secondary patents.

Also in This Issue

drawing of Nicole Simmons

New Faculty

Texas Law’s newest professors bring expertise in a wide range of areas.

US travel map

Dave’s Travel Diary

What a year of travel for admissions ambassador Dave Farnum looks like.

Photo of Rastell's Dictionary

Rastell’s Dictionary

See Tarlton’s rarest book: the world’s oldest English-language dictionary.

Bonus: Extended Content

portrait of diane brayton

Questioning: Diane Brayton ’96

For this issue, the Texas Law Review’s editor in chief Sydney Jean Gottfried ’25 had the chance to chat with the vice president and chief legal officer of the New York Times, Diane Brayton. We’re pleased to present an extended version of this conversation, exclusively online.