Jordan M Steiker

Jordan M Steiker

  • Judge Robert M Parker Endowed Chair in Law
  • Director - Capital Punishment Center

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Professor Steiker joined the faculty in 1990 after serving as a law clerk to Justice Thurgood Marshall of the United States Supreme Court. He teaches constitutional law, criminal law, and death penalty law, and is Co-Director of the law school's Capital Punishment Center. He was a visiting professor at the Harvard Law School and has written extensively on constitutional law, federal habeas corpus, and the death penalty. Some of his recent publications include: A Tale of Two Nations: Implementation of the Death Penalty in "Executing" Versus "Symbolic" States in the United States, (Texas Law Review 2006) (with Carol Steiker); The Seduction of Innocence: The Attraction and Limitations of the Focus on Innocence in Capital Punishment Law and Advocacy (Journal of Criminal Law & Criminology 2005) (with Carol Steiker); Habeas Exceptionalism, (Texas Law Review, 2000); Restructuring Post-Conviction Review of Federal Claims Raised by State Prisoners: Confronting the New Face of Excessive Proceduralism, (Chicago Legal Forum, 1998); The Limits of Legal Language: Decisionmaking in Capital Cases (Michigan Law Review, 1996); and Sober Second Thoughts: Reflections on Two Decades of Constitutional Regulation of Capital Punishment, (Harvard Law Review, 1995) (with Carol Steiker).

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Professional Activities


July 8, 2007


New York Times

On July 8th, was quoted in the New York Times about President Bush's clemency policy during his governorship in Texas.

April 26, 2007


Various Newspapers

On April 26th, was quoted in the Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Austin-American Statesman, and San Antonio Express News about the Capital Punishment Clinic's victories in three cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, Smith v. Texas, Abdul-Kabir v. Quarterman, and Brewer v. Quarterman.

April 26, 2007


Oxford University

On April 26th, delivered a lecture at Oxford University, "The American Death Penalty: Federal Constitutional Regulation and the Prospects for Judicial Abolition."

April 14, 2007

Roundtable Participant

Yale Law School

On April 13-14th, participated in the Criminal Justice Roundtable at Yale Law School.

March 27, 2007



On March 27th, delivered a lecture, "Capital Punishment: Regulation, Retrenchment, and Prospective Reform" for sociology students at U.T.

March 9, 2007

Paper Presentation

DePaul University Conference

On March 9th, delivered a paper at DePaul University, "The Implications of Atkins for the Future Constitutional Regulation of Capital Punishment," ((co-author, Carol Steiker) at a conference, "Protecting a National Moral Consensus: Challenges in the Application of Atkins."

February 8, 2007

Paper Presentation

Capital Representation in Transition Conference

On February 8, 2007, delivered a paper, "Improving Representation in Capital Cases: Establishing the Right Baselines and Incentives to Achieve Institutional Reform," at U.T. Law School, for the conference, "Capital Representation in Transition."