Thea Jane Posel

Thea Jane Posel

  • Clinical Instructor
  • Research Fellow - Capital Punishment Clinic

Faculty Profile: Thea Jane Posel

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Thea Posel is clinical instructor in the Capital Punishment Clinic. She has worked with capital defense teams in both Colorado and Texas, from pre-trial litigation prep and consulting to state and federal post-conviction cases. During law school, she worked for three years as program coordinator of the National College of Capital Voir Dire training in Boulder, Colorado.

She now works primarily on Texas state court advocacy and consulting at the capital trial, appellate, and habeas stages. She teaches "Providing Effective Assistance of Counsel in Capital Trials" with Professor Raoul Schonemann and assisted in the development of the interdisciplinary "Mitigation Matters" course, a collaboration between the Capital Punishment Center faculty and the Steve Hicks School of Social Work.

Thea holds a sociology degree from the University of Colorado, where her undergraduate research focused on the effects of race and class in capital prosecutions, sentencing outcomes, and participation in the criminal justice system as well as social and environmental effects and attitudes surrounding the death penalty in Colorado. Along with Professors Jordan Steiker and Jim Marcus, she is a co-author of The Problem of "Rubber-Stamping" in State Capital Habeas Proceedings: A Harris County Case Study, 55 Hous. L. Rev. 889 (2018).

She graduated from the University of Colorado Law School and has been at the Capital Punishment Center since August 2016.