Dual Degree Programs

University of Texas Combined Degree Programs

The Law School offers dual degree programs with several different graduate schools’ programs at The University of Texas. These programs offer the simultaneous award of two graduate degrees in four years or less, rather than the five years it would normally require to complete two graduate degrees. These include:

To be admitted into any of the dual degree programs, students must apply to, and be accepted by, both schools independently. Be sure to contact each individual school for detailed admissions information. After being admitted to each program, students will need to contact both programs to make arrangements to pursue the dual degree. Under most of the dual degree programs, a student takes the first year of coursework in the Law School and the second year of coursework in the other school. The following years comprise a mixture of courses from each school. Questions about admission should be addressed to the admissions office at the appropriate school. Also please see the University’s Office of Graduate Studies website.

Texas Law-ITAM Degree Program

The University of Texas School of Law has partnered with the Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) to provide an opportunity for a cohort of selected students to earn both a J.D. from Texas Law and a Licenciatura en Derecho from ITAM.

Combined Degree Programs with PhD

The Law School, in conjunction with the Graduate School, offers several programs leading to the JD and the PhD. There is a combined degree program for Law and Philosophy, and a program for Law and Government. These programs are designed to prepare students for academic careers in law and/or in the cognate disciplines. By counting law courses towards the PhD and courses in the cognate discipline towards the JD, students can save up to a year of coursework towards the combined degrees. The Law School also provides financial aid to students at the dissertation stage of the combined degree programs. More information about the combined degree programs with PhD is available online: