Master of Business Administration

The dual degree program in law and business is designed to train qualified law and business students for careers in the private or public business sectors and the legal profession. The interaction between law and business is becoming more pervasive and complex, and graduates of this program will be prepared to navigate and handle this rapidly changing environment.

Program Structure

A student admitted to the JD/MBA program on the outset will begin the first-year program at the Law School during the first year of the program and enroll in the Graduate School of Business in their second year. In the third and fourth years of the program, the student will enroll in both departments to complete the required number of credit hours.

Curriculum Requirements

All course requirements of both schools must be met. There are no waivers in the MBA program. No required courses in the Law School may be waived.

As of Fall 2010, a student must complete a minimum total of 117 hours of credit in order to earn the two degrees as follows:

  • 70 hours in the School of Law
  • 23 hours of MBA core courses in the Graduate School of Business
  • 24 hours of MBA elective courses in the Graduate School of Business

The required 70 law credit hours must include all courses listed as ‘Required First-Year Courses’ and ‘Required Advanced Courses’ on the Degree Requirements page.

Information about the curriculum and degree requirements is available on the Graduate School of Business website.

Both degrees are awarded simultaneously upon completion of all program requirements. Therefore, students should arrange their course schedules so that both degree requirements are completed in the same semester. Except for summer term enrollments, after the first-year program at the Law School is completed and the second year at the School of Business, students must enroll in courses in both schools each term.

Work done in the Graduate School of Business may be credited toward the JD degree and work done in the Law School may be credited toward the MBA degree only if the student completes all work required in the dual degree program. Students should check with the Law School on their eligibility to take the bar examination.

How to Apply

Students must apply to both programs separately and be accepted independently by both. While applicants are encouraged to apply to both programs simultaneously, applicants may also apply for the other program during the student’s first year at whichever program they begin.

Financial Aid

The Law School and the Graduate School of Business have limited funds for qualified students who merit and need-based financial assistance. In general, funding for the first year may be awarded only through the Law School, and through either school thereafter.


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